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The Answers You Need

What kind of events do you do?

We can do ANY event you’d like. Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Corporate, non-profits, graduations, Holiday parties… anything!

Is there a minimum amount of time we need to be able to rent the photo booth for?

There is a 3-Hour minimum, but time fly’s by when you’re having fun!

How much Space & electricity do we need? Any other needs?

We prefer a 10ft x10ft with an 8ft height clearance for the backdrop. We also need one standard 120-volt outlet to run our photo booth. For outdoor events that don't have power supply, we will use our own generator. WiFi from your venue is preferred in order to be able to electronically send the captures right away. If the WiFi isn’t great, all captures will be put in a queue and sent to you and your guests just as soon as the photo booth makes it back home to steady WiFi.

What is the print size options?

Our most popular and standard print size is: 2x6 (horizontal or vertical). We can also print: 4x6 (horizontal or vertical).

Do you have an online gallery?

Yes, we keep all your photos on an online gallery for you to view and download. It is an easy way to show your friends, guests, and relatives pictures of your occasion.

How much time do you need for set up?

We need about an hour and a half prior to start time if you do have a print station so that we have plenty of time to find our space, set up and run some tests. Only about 45 minutes early if the package does not include a print station. Set up and breakdown are included in every package. However, if you need the booth set up earlier, then we can include an idle time fee.

Can the Photo Booth be placed outdoors?

Yes! However, we would prefer to be indoors in a more controlled environment, our photo booth can be placed outdoors as long as we can connect to strong Wi-Fi and a safe power source that doesn’t put our equipment at risk. If your package includes a printing station, you or your venue will be responsible for providing a steadily shaded area for the photo booth set up so that the printer does not overheat during your event. A 10’ x 10’ tent works great if your venue doesn’t have any shaded areas.

Do you have Back drops?

Yes we do! Our Sequin & Fabric Back drops are always included in our packages, but they are completely OPTIONAL and best for INDOOR USE. If you are wanting to have the photo booth set up outside with a backdrop, it is RECOMMENDED that the backdrop be placed against a wall at least 7’ tall. If not you’ll have to pay for the “Weights” Add-ons to help secure it to the ground. Operating without a backdrop allows your guests more freedom and range of motion during their photo sessions.

Can I use my own Back drops?

Yes, you most definitely can! We love to see our clients creative abilities or if you’d like to use another vendor to create something beautiful and more personal then that is welcomed as well.

Do you have a photo booth attendant?

Our ARIA photo booth attendant is responsible for the safety of the booth and your guests. The attendant operates the booth at every event.

Is there a deposit (retainer) required to book our date?

Yes, we require non-refundable $200 retainer deposit along with a signed contract. Your final payment will be due 14 days prior to your event.

Do you have a travel fee?

Free delivery is included within 50 miles of Sacramento, Sacramento County, Yolo County, and Solano County. Extra mileage is billed at $1.25 per mile.

What can be put on the Custom Start Screen?

Anything that is appropriate that you can think of! Your event name, what or who you’re celebrating, your company name, a welcome message to your guests or an advertisement. Let us know what you'd like and we can turn your vision into reality!

What's an Overlay?

An overlay is the border we’re going to put on your captures that'll be electronically sent via text, email or AirDrop. We can customize it to match your event theme & add some text to it as well.

What's a Print Template?

A print template is the border we’re going to put on your prints. We can customize it to match your event theme & add some text to it as well! Unless you'd like it there's no need for that plain white border on those photo strips!

How many photos can we take?

We offer Unlimited Prints for your guests during your event so as many as you'd like!

Do you offer physical Prints?

Yes, we offer the standard size 2x6 photo strip & you can also upgrade to 4x6 prints if you like the larger size.

Do your Photo Booths do anything else other than photos?

Yes, our photo booth also does boomerangs, GIFs & video! Each photo session, your guests can choose what they want to do. (except when in Hands-Free mode)

What is Hands-Free Mode?

Our COVID-friendly option Hands-Free Mode allows each photo session to be started by waving a hand in front of the booth instead of touching the screen to start the session. To keep it truly hands-free, we'd have to discuss which ONE (1) capture mode you'd like the photo booth to run for the duration of the event. Having multiple options requires people to physically touch the screen to make their choice which means it’s not hands-free.

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a group of photos looped together to form an animation. Our photo booth will take 3-4 photos quickly in one session and loop them together to form an animation which can then be sent to you via text, email or AirDrop.

What is a Boomerang?

A boomerang is a short 1-4 second video that is recorded and then played back repeatedly forwards & backwards. This is one of our most popular features of our amazing photo booths!

Will I be able to see all the pictures the guests took after the event is over?

Yes, our software creates an online gallery for you to be able to see all of your captures from your event which we'll send the link to you within 24 hours after the event is over. Feel free to share it with your guests in case they lose a copy of their photos and want to download them! The online gallery is available for 30 days after your event so we will also email you a link to the zip file with all captures included.

Are you able to hold and event date while you think about it?

Yes, we can put your event date on a soft hold for five (5) days. On the fifth day, if the booking agreement is not signed & your non-refundable $200 retainer has not been paid, your event date will become available for anyone else to book. If no one else is waiting for that particular day, we'll follow-up to see if you'd still like to lock in the date & we can just send over a new contract.

What areas do you service?

Based in Sacramento, we operate and offer our service to Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin, Davis, Woodland, Natomas and El Dorado Hills. As well as Solano County including Fairfield, Vacaville & Dixon. We also service the areas of Sonoma County, San Francisco and East Bay including Modesto, Stockton & surrounding areas.

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